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  • is a region in the eastern part of central Sweden, comprising an extensive Baltic Sea coast, and an inland region of mixed forest (mostly in the north) and open farmland (mostly in the south);
  • has good localities for many species of the northern forests (grouse, owls, woodpeckers);
  • has fine resting localities for migrating ducks, geese, and waders at, for example, Hjälstaviken (between Uppsala and Enköping, in the south), and Ledskärsviken (on the north coast near Skärplinge);
  • has localities for watching migrating birds in spring and autumn on the mainland coasts and archipelago;
  • has accessible breeding populations of a number of species that have declined over much of western Europe (corn crake, wryneck, red-backed shrike, ortolan bunting);
  • often receives influxes of northern species during winter (crossbills, pine grosbeak, hawk owl);
  • is readily accessible through Sweden's main international airport (Stockholm Arlanda, in the south of the region) and a smaller airport at Västerås, to the southwest of the area, which also has international flights.

Upplands Ornitologiska Förening (Uppland's Ornithological Society)

  • has an extensive annual program, that includes lectures, excursions, courses and longer trips, togther with public events. Beginners, more experienced or expert birdwatchers will all find something that appeals in the program;
  • publishes the journal Fåglar i Uppland (Birds in Uppland), with a total of more than 200 pages of articles about birds each year;
  • informs about birds and their living environments, both for the public and for local and for authorities;
  • carries out research in the form of counts, that result in concrete proposals or actions for bird conservation;
  • conducts restoration work of overgrown wetlands, often in connection with Upplandsstiftelsen and the regions local authorities;
  • collects reports about birds and their occurrence in Uppland, summarized in an annual bird report published within the journal Fåglar i Uppland.

If you would like to know about the area as a bird-watching region, or would like to report something of interest that you have seen, please contact us (English or Swedish)!

Relevant contact details are:
Email:   info (at) uof.nu
Phone: (+46)(0) 730 48 34 49
Post: Upplands Ornitologiska Förening, Box 59, SE-751 03 Uppsala, Sweden

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